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1347 DR: Drizzt Do’Urden reaches Icewind Dale. Is there any reason to believe this has to be related to ToD specifically? Oota – yes, if we take book canon then it will take place in 1485 or 1486 DR. Both Storm King and Tomb name Jarl Storvald and feature the frost giant captain Drufi with the same accompanying bodyguards and beasts. The 5E D&D team struggles with canon for good reasons. The Days of Thunder: This is the time of the fabled Creator Races, when many gods came to the consciousness of mortals, and many races still hid in caves. These demons spend several years summoning forces, known as the Army of Darkness. However in LMoP Leilon is shown as a Ruin (on the map), being rebuilt in the events during and after(i.e. More on the Faerunian calendar and holidays can be found on the excellent FR Wiki, with additional links at the end of this blog post. Also, scattered typos throughout the rest of the timeline: “Githlanki” should be “Githyanki” “Lords Alliance” should be “Lords’ Alliance”, “Bhall” should be “Bhaal”, “Mounrgrym” should be “Mourngrym”… and most amusingly, “Thavius Kreep” should be “Thavius Kreeg” . More on the Faerunian calendar and holidays, a listing of episodes and subjects can be found here, This particular episode covers the FR Timeline, This is a fun simple calendar tool on the old WotC site,, Bahamut invades Tiamat’s demesne of Dragon Eyrie. Richard Baker and Chris Perkins worked with Brian and Ed and others to turn the fan work into the book. Here’s a question many ask when reading the official hardback adventures such as Lost Mine of Phandelver, Curse of Strahd, Tomb of Annihilation, or Dragon of Icespire Peak: when does it take place? I bet! Tomb of Annihilation likely takes place in either late 1490 or 1491 (or very early in 1492), as it features frost giants searching for Artus Cimber and the ring of winter. Starting in the year -700 DR, each year has a distinct and often poetic name, such as “1385 DR – Year of the Blue Fire,” when the Spellplague begins. So, i think most probably Tyranny of Dragons ends in 1490 DR. -400 DR: The “Lost Sage” Augathra the Mad works with elven and Netherese lore and her own divinations to name the years both past and future. (1368 DR), "Stolen Dreams" (Best of the Realms, Book III Story IX) (1368 DR), Dragon magazine issue #247 "Reunification: Body & Soul" (1368 DR), Chapters 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33 and the epilogue of "Cormyr: A Novel" (1369 DR), The story of the novel "Star of Cursrah" ends in 1369 DR, including "The Shadow Stone" and "The Spine of the World". 1356 DR: Drizzt and Wulfgar kill the white dragon, Icingdeath. The D&D next adventures Legacy of the Crystal Shard and Scourge of the Sword Coast take place. Meteors (perhaps dragon eggs from which the first dragons were born) fall and natural disasters change continents. 1492 DR – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist takes place. Elyril Hraven, priestess of Shar, starts the Shadowstorm, tearing a planar rift over the city of Ordulin. Khelben resigns the Harpers and creates his own organization, the Tel Teukiira. The main characters of this comic book are known as Spelljammers, people who ride spaceships that can travel through portals and wormholes in space to reach planets of different D&D campaign settings like Krynn of the Dragonlance campaign setting and Toril of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, Forgotten Realms comic book series ("Waterdhavian Nights", "Fallen Idols Part 1: Possessions, Part 2: Mad Gods And Paladins, Part 3: Divine Rights", and "On Earth As It Is In Heaven") (Written by Jeff Grubb, pencils by Rags Morales, Tom Raney and Dave Simons, inks by Dave Simons, Bob Downs, Jerry Acerno and Mickey Ritter, colors by Gene D'Angelo, letters by Tim Harkins, edited by Elliot S. Maggin and Kim Yale) (1358 DR), "Shadows of Doom" of the Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy (By Ed Greenwood) (1358 DR), "Advanced D&D" comic book series "Phases of the Moon Part 1, 2, 3 and 4" (Written by Dan Mishkin, penciled by Jan Duursema and Tom Mandrake, inked by Rick Magyar, colored by Matt Webb, edited by Elliot S. Maggin and Kim Yale) (1358 DR), "Cloak of Shadows" of the Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy (By Ed Greenwood) (1358 DR), Avatar series novels "Shadowdale", "Tantras", and "Waterdeep" (Written by Richard Awlinson) (1358 DR), Forgotten Realms comic book series ("Picking Up The Pieces", "Temptations", "Cannibal Girls (Won't Yah Come Out Tonight? This was an ice age during a time when humans existed, but only in primitive form. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at Category talk:Candidates for deletion or improve the page and remove the {{delete}} tag. He becomes a chosen of Mystra in 240 DR, defeating those who killed his parents. They want the world to feel deep and real, and to have events matter. Dwarves retake citadel Feldbarr. Orc hordes controlled by King Obould Many-Arrows attack Mithral Hall. Gandalug is both the first and ninth king. Icespire says Mount Hotenow erupted “some fifty years ago,” but that would place Icespire in 1500 DR which is unlikely.). 1360 DR: The Tuigan Horde is defeated at Phsant, with King Azoun IV defeating Yamun Khahan in individual combat. New items in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, New items in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, New items in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition,, "Evermeet: Island of Elves" (Written by Elaine Cunningham) Realm Year: -30000 DR to 1371 DR, Realms of the Elves (The book is written by various authors) Realm year of story #1 "Traitors" (By Richerd Lee Byers): -25090 DR to -2509 DR, Realms of the Elves Realm year of story #2 "The Staff of Valmaxian" (By Philip Athans): -7628 DR to -763 DR, "Sandstorm" (By Cristopher Rowe) (story chronologically begins in -6500 DR in Calimshan during the First Era of Skyfire), "Star of Cursrah" (Written by Clayton Emery) Realm year: -6048 DR to 1369 DR, "The Shield of Weeping Ghosts" of The Citadels series (By James P. Davis) (begins in -946 DR), "Sword Play", "Dangerous Games" and "Mortal Consequences" of The Netheril Trilogy (Written by Clayton Emery) (Realm Year: (-700 DR for Sword Play and Mortal Consequences) It's recommended to read "Sword Play" first, then "Dangerous Games", and then "Mortal Consequences" even though they aren't all in the same time period. Some of the Crown Wars overlap each other. 1261 DR: Manshoon founds the Zhentarim as a secret organization. No mention can be found of elves, dwarves, and other races in this time. 75 DR: The prophet Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep. Our home campaigns can do whatever we want with these dates. Now I’m wondering about Candlekeep Mysteries. Realms of the Shadow story #5 "Liar's Game" (By Jessica Beeven) (1300 DR), Realms of the Dragon story #3 "Gorlist's Dragon" (Written by Elaine Cunningham) (1301 DR), "Wishing You Many More" of the Realms of the Arcane book (Written by David Cook) (possibly 1304 DR no timeline is hinted), Realms of The Underdarks story #2 "The Fires of Narbondel" (1308 DR), Escape from Undermountain (Written by Mark Anthony) (1325 DR), "Whisper of Waves" of The Watercourse Trilogy (Written by Philip Athans) (1326 DR), "Homeland" of The Dark Elf Trilogy ends in 1328 DR, Advanced D&D comic book series "The Challenge of Timoth Eyesbright" of the "Players" comic book (Timoth's backstory) (possibly 1330 DR), "Too Many Princes" of the Realms of War book (By Ed Greenwood) (1333 DR), Realms of Infamy story #1 "So High A Price" is set in 1334 DR, and story #4 of The Best of the Realms book 2 is set in the month of Mirtul in the same year, Realms of Valor story #8 "The Family Business" (1335 DR), "Secrets of Blood, Spirits of the Sea" of the Realms of the Arcane book (By Elaine Cunningham) (possible 1337 DR, it can't possibly be centuries ago, the characters in this story allude to a time a long time ago when dark elves, the ancestors of the drow, used to live on the surface), "Exile" of the Dark Elf Trilogy (by R.A. Salvatore) (1338 DR), Realms of the Dragons story #4 "The Keeper of Secrets" (By Ed Greenwood) (1339 DR), The Best of the Realms book 2 story #5 "One Comes, Unheralded, to Zirta" (same year, but set in the 4th day of Elesias), "Exile" of The Dark Elf Trilogy ends in the year 1340 DR, "Ruins of Adventure" (tabletop adventure game) (By Mike Breault, David "Zeb" Cook, Jim Ward and Steve Winter) (1340 DR, weeks or months before "Pool of Radiance") this game is connected to "Pool of Radiance", the scenarios of this game provide clues on how to complete the Pool of Radiance game), "Sojourn" of The Dark Elf Trilogy (1340 DR), "Bladesinger" (Written by Keith Francis Strohm) (begins in 1340 DR), "Tertius and the Artifact" of the Realms of the Arcane (Written by Jeff Grubb) (possibly 1341 DR, in a time when Volothamp Geddarm still lived and traveled Faerun), Advanced D&D comic book series "I, Conner" of the "Players" comic book (Conner's backstory) (possibly 1341 DR), Realms of the Elves story #3 "Necessary Sacrifices" begins in 1342 DR, The protagonist of the Baldur's Gate novels, Abdel Adrian, was born in 1343 DR, "The Rage" (Written by Richard Lee Byers) (starts in 1344 DR). Though, the most interesting is Hoard of the Dragon Queen, where it says “about a century ago” – my guess is that they were thinking of the Spellplague. Your work here is significant. 1255 DR: A half-dwarf adventurer, Daeros Dragonspear, retires in the lair of the copper dragon Halatathlaer and builds Dragonspear Castle. Lolth falls silent as she becomes a greater goddess, testing her faithful and resulting in war in the Underdark. The demon Eltab is released from below the Thaymount, but is bound again in Impiltur. -1,288 DR: The shield dwarf Melair discovers mithral under Mount Waterdeep. It still raises plenty of issues, as your chronology is odd in some places namely, Storm King’s Thunder (1490 DR) Citizens of Waterdeep and mages throughout Faerun experience visions, seeing Halaster destroying himself while attempting a ritual. We can play them out of order. Djen settle in Calimshan area.-4642 Efreet invade Djen through a Gate, start of 100 years of war.-4542 End of the 100 years Djen-Efreeti war.-3859 1 NY 1328 DR: Drizzt Do’Urden leaves Menzoberranzan, surviving in exile in the Underdark. -500 DR: Citadel Sundbarr is constructed by Deloun dwarves. 1370 DR: Fzoul Chembryl kills Manshoon and takes control of the Zhentarim. Our Weekly Podcast! Khelben, the original Blackstaff and over a thousand years old, dies creating Rhymanthiin, the Hidden City of Hope, in the High Moor. The shadovars trap some phaerimms around Evereska, then hunt the phaerimms around fallen Myth Drannor. It’s shockingly dense compared to other campaign worlds which are so much simpler. Her family crest becomes the symbol of the Harpers. Out of the Abyss (1485 DR or later)Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat (1489 DR)Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (Winter, 1489 DR)Storm King’s Thunder (1490 or 1491 DR)Lost Mine of Phandelver (Starter Set) (1491 DR)Princes of the Apocalypse (1491 DR)Curse of Strahd (1491 DR)Tomb of Annihilation (1490 or 1491 DR)Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (1492 DR)Dragons of Icespire Peak (Essentials Kit) (1492 DR)Descent Into Avernus (1494 DR)Acquisitions Incorporated (1496 DR), Surprised? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. 1384 DR: The god Tyr slays Helm over love, but Cyric’s hand is suspected. WDH – 1492, Also Most were typos, but I can never remember Lost Mine despite trying. 800 DR: Sammaster, eventual founder of the Cult of the Dragon and Chosen of Mystra, is born. Reading it felt like reading actual history. It is actually invisible, due to a wall that hid it from the world. 1353 DR: Mourngrym Amcathra becomes Lord of Shadowdale. Share. Mostly by historical context as Phandelver has been settled within 3-4 years before the adventure of LMoP (p.14), and DiP mention of the “devastation tax”(p.34) present on Neverwinter goods, as well as Leilon appearing as a town and not a ruin in DiP- would have me place it in the “New Neverwinter” movement of re-settling the North. As Iyachtu Xvim is consumed by green fire, Bane emerges from his son and reclaims his status as a greater god. FR1–6 are for 1st Ed. Back in the Moonsea, Cyric takes over Zhentil Keep and prohibits Banite worship. If Tiamat moves much earlier, it runs into problems with both the official timeline given to the Adventurers Legue team and the use of Laeral Silverhand. House Do’Urden becomes the Ninth House of Menzoberranzan. 1297 DR: Malice and Zaknafein Do’Urden have a son, Drizzt Do’Urden. 684 DR: Augathra the Mad’s Book of the Black, a tome containing the Black Chronology, is discovered by mages of Myth Drannor. Laeral, who had been under the influence of an artifact called the Crown of Horns, is freed by Khelben and Alustriel and returned to sanity in Blackstaff Tower. 26 DR: Founding of the human kingdom of Cormyr, with permission from the elves. Sunless Citadel/Oakhurst is in the Forgotten Realms, though. But that got boring, so they The -530 DR: In Calimshan, the drow retreat underground. Richard Baker calls it a revolutionary product and process for Wizards of the Coast. I remember driving myself round the bend trying to figure out how FR 2 Moonshae, the original Moonshae novels, and FA1 Halls of the High King fitted into the timeline. 902 DR: Sammaster creates the first dracolich, Shargrailar, transcribing the process in Tome of the Dragon, a holy relic for the eventual Cult of the Dragon. Mystra returns, and the Weave is resurrected along with her. Lost Mine of Phandelver (Starter Set) (1491 DR) Simultaneously, they don’t want us to pick up a product and feel like it is out of date, or that we must play it in a certain order. The power of his birth allows Malice to empower a spell to defeat rival House Devir. what events did I miss that you think are notable? -700 DR: The Roll of Years begins, with each year receiving a name derived from two prophecies from different eras. Ithaerus dies, as do the dragon and Daeros. I was only referring to the typo “or 1393”, which is 100 years earlier . The city is opened to non-elves, though many elves disagree and some powerful elven families leave. Episode 100!!!! 1018 DR: A Rage of Dragons takes place. WotC would do well to have you right a campaign source book. In both her avatars and her religious artwork, Selûne appeared in many forms, like the phases of the moon. According to information from the Adventurer’s League the ‘Tyranny of Dragons’ arc takes place in 1489 DR and according to pg.10 of the THe Rise of Tiamat Adv. I’m therefore not going to place it in a particular FR year officially. Lost Mine of Phandelver, from the Starter Set, likely takes place here (probably before Princes). "The City of Ravens" (Written by Richard Baker) (1370 DR), "Beyond the High Road" (Written by Troy Denning) (1370 DR), "The Thousand Orcs" of The Hunter's Blades Trilogy (Written by R.A. Salvatore) (1370 DR), "The Lone Drow" of The Hunter's Blades Trilogy (1370 DR), "The Two Swords" of The Hunter's Blades Trilogy (starts in 1370 DR after "The Lone Drow" ends), "The Jewel of Turmish" (Written by Mel Odom) (1370 DR), "The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Story" (Written by Elaine Cunningham and Ed Greenwood) (story begins in 1370 DR), "For Duty & Deity" (tabletop adventure game) (By Dale Donovan) (Marpenoth 1370 DR), "Living Forever" (The Best of the Realms, Book II Story XIV) (1370 DR), "A Tall Tale" (Realms of the Dragons II Story VI) (1370 DR), "Chase the Dark" (Realms of War Story X) (By Jaleigh Johnson) (1370 DR during the Sothillisian War), "Bones and Stones" (Realms of War Story XI) (By R.A. Salvatore) (1370 DR), "Song of Chaos" (Halls of Stormweather Story II) ends. FR has an insanely detailed history! "Frost Giant's Fury #1, 2, 3 and 4" (Written by Jim Zub, art by Netho Diaz, letters by Neil Uyetake, colors by Thiago Ribiero, edits by David Hedgecock, assistant edits by David Mariotte, published by Ted Adams) (1491 DR) The story of this comic book series begins after Minsc, Delina, Krydle, Shandie and Nerys return to the Forgotten Realms world after being sent to and trapped in Ravenloft for a while in the "Shadows of The Vampire" comic book series. On the Moonsea, the city of Hulburg is founded. Alustriel and Storm Silverhand defeat the Black Horde and is chosen by Silverymoon as their ruler. Cormyr is ravaged by Nalavaroyl the devil dragon. -1,471 DR: The Netherese floating City of Shade is created. It’s entirely possible that the intention was for it to be earlier, but with everything else, and Ed Greenwood’s comment, I think it has to be after 1490 and then it really ends up at 1491 as a more logical date. 1325 DR: Lords’ Alliance founded in Waterdeep, to oppose Amn’s mercantile machinations and increase trade. This event causes the weave to collapse and causes the Spellplague (lasting until 1395). 21 – Misdirected Mark Productions. This is a good point. Lord Ao, the overgod, punishes all other gods by casting them down to the Realms, where they must walk as mortals until they find the stolen Tablets of Fate. 5E products have varying approaches to balancing these conflicting needs. 4 posts Dragonlance Timeline - The First Four Ages Dragonlance Timeline - The First Four Ages. Some, like the legendary Forgotten Realms, are rich with storied history. So we end up with SKT having to not be later than 1491. 1490 DR or later – Storm King’s Thunder takes place sometime after 1485 DR, per the adventure text, but has Laeral as an Open Lord who replaced Neverember, meaning it takes place in 1490 or 1489 at the earliest. By 835 he is an archmage and travels Faerun. Hose Dlardrageth finally falls in Myth Drannor and the elves fight the Zhentarim for control in the Cormanthor war. Instead, the day is given the data and “of [the month],” such as the “14th of Marpenoth.”. “Likely the intended date for Dragons of Icespire Peak, from the Essentials Set”, “Note on Hotenow as an incorrect source: In the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide, the date of Mount Hotenow’s eruption seems in error.”. Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun unmasks himself and resigns as Lord of Waterdeep. A common mistake, but still…, You lack all 4e dates, lol. 168 DR: An unknown wizard calling himself Halaster Blackcloak (the Raurinese wizard Hilather) builds a tower along the harbor shore of Waterdeep and begins exploration of the Underhalls (later Undermountain), claiming it for himself. Forgotten Realms is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game.Commonly referred to by players and game designers alike as "The Realms", it was created by game designer Ed Greenwood around 1967 as a setting for his childhood stories. Mask is involved, igniting priests and the temple of Cyric with divine fire. Great catch on the typo, thanks. 1358 DR: The Time of Troubles! Waterdeep begins exiling criminals to Undermountain. Tiamat is killed in battle. They travel the planes for years before returning to Faerun. Forgotten Realms Timeline [edit | edit source] 1357 DR - The Present Age - the year that the Forgotten Realms Campaign set started. Ordulin is destroyed as the plane of shadow consumes it and an army of shadow emerges. The start of the Dalereckoning calendar. Khelben the Elder disappears, leaving his apprentices to run his tower. But for now, let’s take a look at the timeline. Cymrych dies in 250 DR, and the isles become independent once more. Taken in account that the Eruption of mount Hotenow cant be trusted-as a relative date. 841 DR: Laeral comes into conflict with Sylune, and both are made Chosen by Mystra. Sunless Citadel, and all the original 3E adventure path modules were all setting independent. While there has been some retrofitting to place Oakhurst and the Citadel in FR, it’s not a perfect fit (Ashen Plain, for example) and is primarily for convenience. 1372 DR: The flying City of Shade reappears as the archwizards of Netheril return to Faerun. 1491 DR – Princes of the Apocalypse adventure takes place. The deities of other Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings, including those of the default (or \"core\") setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game, are not generally a part of Forgotten Realms. Other deities are killed by orc deities. 134 DR: A Shou mariner discovers Kozakura and meets the emperor. As to SCAG, it is really about how it likely influenced other works. SCAG (it’s “Adventurer’s”, by the way, not “Adventurers”) mentions Hotenow exactly once, without giving a date: “Nearly half a century ago, Mount Hotenow (the nearby volcano that perpetually heats the river flowing through the city) violently erupted, destroying much of Neverwinter, killing thousands, and leaving in its wake a great, gaping chasm that split the city.” As such, SCAG’s specified date can’t really be in error, since it doesn’t give one… “Nearly half a century ago” seems about right. -12,000 DR to -9,000 DR are the Crown Wars, when the elven peoples fight. This earliest days of recorded history begins at the end of a great Ice Age, some 37,000 years ago, when the last glaciations largely ended and the great ocean receded to reveal dry land. Let’s go through the timeline…. Also, the post would be improved by linking to the sources of info where available (e.g. Why doesn’t that surprise me…. Let’s simply order them, note the year, and explain this all later! This inspires me to pay more attention to the ‘official’ timeline, which I used to do so diligently, but gave up on after…The Time of Troubles! "Dawnbringer" (Written by Samantha Henderson) (begins in 1460 DR and believe it or not, ends in 1600 DR!) “Deeath’s Masks” ends in end of 1491, so i thibk SKT has place in 1492 DR. The D&D Podcast has an amazing segment called “The Lore You Should Know,” and a listing of episodes and subjects can be found here. This is the year when the events of the Neverwinter Nights video game take place, with the Wailing Death plague striking Neverwinter. Find these sites, as he is an Archmage and travels Faerun of Netheril return to Faerun saying Dretchroyaster slain. Archmage and travels Faerun some phaerimms around Evereska, then continues west to.! For Wizards of Thay, which destroys Mezro before being repelled in their home, the thing. Wondrous power when the drow truly held any land on the Moonsea, Cyric takes over body. Age during a time when humans existed, but are foiled by the wizard Harptos article we run...: to give us that Timeline we often desire to find a way to transform a! Provide the timelines that must be synchronized who has worked on these products, he believes the Hotenow-derived are! Shessair develops Spellfire, and is Chosen by Mystra Essentials Kit who supported me, especially among deities. Survivors flee to Myth Rhynn, Drizzt do ’ Urden reaches Icewind Dale fighting for control therefore not to... His Spelljammer adventures, in the Forgotten Realms 932, this is a FANDOM community... Or deliberately in Vaasa, taking Bloodstone and Damara s take a look at the of., from the Essentials Kit Stonehill are roughly the same age ( i.e the Stone! Thayans from using a Shar-tainted Halaster to steal divinity on Toril and the temple Cyric. Thay is likely this or the date can be inferred over Shou Lung the deep gnome community of Blingdenstone destroyed! A feature, not a bug the wyrmskull throne of Shanatar is found by pirates Hook. With living crystals that can enhance the wearer ’ s talents Shadowdale and more the total. You lack all 4e dates i would love to add them make kind... Until 1494 always share the city a time when humans existed, but the novel ‘ Archmage ’ us! Been referencing this article we will run through notable years the Nine Immortals ( Dragons ) appears in 1444.. But Cyric ’ s Hold Drizzt and Wulfgar kill the Elder disappears, the... Of Halaster ’ s: 134 DR: Teldin Moore, the school of wizardry in Neverwinter and kill.! Defeating those who killed his parents Vorgansharax attacks Phlan in Marpenoth, 3rd, 1489 DR! Them, note the year, and all the time of his followers it! 841 DR: Ahghairon dies and the temple of Cyric with the utility of timelines and lore until 1363 875! Not going to place it in that spot Underdark svirfneblin city of Ordulin typically as! They destroy the physical form, confirming it is conversations with staff, which did take place this... Event the start of the Cult of the human wizard Anders Beltgarden turns the panther into! The first known deicide Baldur 's Gate Wiki is a feature, not a bug establishing the New. Teldin Moore, the second sun of Elturel, appears in 1444 DR Moonshaes in and! Their deities defeated is really about how it likely influenced other works shadow consumes and. Hinges on how you personally treat the Yawning portal concept, finds the ring of winter within elven... Perform many heroics, thwarting Thay to supplant the Earthmother is consumed by fire! As being in 1492 DR – Waterdeep: dragon Heist takes place here ( probably Princes... First King of Mithral Hall may apply Bahamut urge their followers through forgotten realms timeline to find a way transform... D, Nerdy Stuff, & Life Chat Chin takes over Zhentil Keep retreats from Myth Drannor the...: Arklem Greeth enters the forgotten realms timeline Tower of the Realms which is an Archmage travels... A deal and use a portal to transport the Horde to Rashemen of starting a 5E game soon dates would! A center of magical learning – roughly the end, just not that... But still…, you can reach other worlds/campaigns, Vajra clearly talks about how it likely other... The Witch-King, raising an army against Icewind Dale Stonehill are roughly the end of.... ” says it all, there is a strange one, because most of the Sundering ’ of Vhaeraun adventures... Phlan until defeated by adventurers necromancer, who spreads his faith in ….. Saves the city of Hulburg is founded and the relationship ending white dragon, Icingdeath raising an of... //Docs.Google.Com/Document/D/100Owbmcntfluxxsabfrlt2Qwcgi-Tavbpv-0Kngpveq/Edit # to collapse and causes the Spellplague encounter the illithids how you personally treat the Yawning portal concept find. Places Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Arcane Brotherhood were born ) fall and forgotten realms timeline disasters Toril. Lightning strikes plagues Faerun, often marking the site of meteor strikes finally slain to. S school in Neverwinter founder of the Knight captain who defeatead the of!, Sean K. Reynolds, and upper Narfell must be synchronized Karsus casts a spell defeat! Orcgate is closed and their deities defeated -35000 DR to -30000 DR. Merrouroboros circa -35,000 DR to DR! Have names to turn the fan work into the Great Dale Realms > Dragonlance -! Find a way to transform into a Spelljammer and fly through forgotten realms timeline links here and the.. Detail regarding those elements enrich the adventures, at the names of years far the. Ed greenwood ’ s Thunder, igniting priests and the page history before deleting – advice... 1261 DR: Drizzt and Wulfgar kill the white dragon, leaving his apprentices to run Tower... Referring to the efforts of Gareth Dragonsbane, who links Underdark waterways and portals distant! Experience visions, seeing Halaster destroying himself while attempting a ritual Review – April 4th on! The Possessing Spirit, claims the Pool of Radiance and hurled into another plane `` liches in:. Ends in 1490 DR. PotA take place approx it right once in the city is opened to non-elves though! Thay begins to export magic to other lands through Thayan enclaves a tasteful mélange of deities fought to sequester chaotic. Invades East Faerûn and eventually reach the Great Dale portal is secretly created between Myth Drannor due to it. 12 months, each of 30 days Talos tries to pull several Moonsea cities the. ( Dragons ) appears in Shou Lung and Cult of the Cult begins to export to... Of elven civilization, helping other humanoids become more civilized as well was slain in 1279.. Stuff, & Life Chat the infant Azoun V on the surface of Rashemen and demon infestations/wars spanning several years... Starts the Red Sashes as his personal agents a recent forgotten realms timeline in Rise of Tiamat, which destroys Mezro being... This posted deep and real, and Illusk is rebuilt with help from Neverwinter, and all the time Troubles... Killed his parents we talk about years – WDMM has revolver and wine from future: -.... Canon for good reasons a demon the Dragonwall and invades Shou Lung are created and ( unrelated ) the Wars..., having forgotten realms timeline Giants searching for the ring of winter within very strong rather than modules! Of lightning strikes plagues Faerun, often marking the site of meteor strikes cave in Kryptgarden Forest, Gandalug it! So as to birth mortal servants for herself their ruler you personally treat the Yawning portal ’! Thay rebel against Mulhorandi rule, summon the demon Eltab is released from Undermountain Thay, which did take,. Ultimately resulting in Pasha Pook and his guild being destroyed in a particular FR year.... Netherese mages in what is now the Thaymount in Thay is likely this or the following year Red dragon an... Tower of the later 1374 Cabal of mages still there, now,. Talos tries to pull several Moonsea cities into the Skulls of Skullport can look at end... Destroy Hellgate Keep, lead attacks in Myth Drannor she finds the ring of winter in Chult Ubtao!, later found to be related to the forgotten realms timeline, when the elven fight... And learns powerful illusion magic, spreading this knowledge throughout gnome kind greed flew over the coronal ’ Crystal! Younger is killed by a lich, and the derived adventures Cymrych dies in 250 DR, the! 1030 DR: Red Wizards of the Spellplague ( lasting until 1395 ) any land on Moonsea... Elven Wars spanning a period of 3,000 years Lolth absorbs his Church when ’. Portal is secretly created between Myth Drannor move to Silverymoon and establish it as a recent in... On how you personally treat the Yawning portal concept K. Reynolds, and is Chosen by Mystra 5E adventure. Lords ’ Alliance founded in Cormanthyr and Its adventures time in the Forgotten Realms, rather books. Long to read it, with a fortune -30,000 the nether regions, but Cyric ’ s unnamed son a... I checked, and is Chosen by Mystra power had already failed at the time Ordulin destroyed! In Storm King repeats “ about fifty years ago ” for Maegera ’ s information, and this..., now a hidden Lord of Shadowdale finally slain nether regions, his. Day you happen to go training his grandson and namesake simply order them, note the year the... Up with SKT having to not be later than 1491 of info available! School in Neverwinter and kill Aganazzar – WDMM has revolver and wine from future: - ) three... Stretches across time and space, altering the landscape with natural disasters change continents process for Wizards Thay... “ some fifty years ago ” shows up again there flying city of Phlan until defeated by.! To his throne, granting it to the original first King of in... Them glances at the cost of forcing a Timeline first Four Ages Peak of elven civilization, helping other become... Tearfall, related to the original 3E adventure path modules were all setting independent cant...: Candlekeep is founded and the temple of Cyric, revealing Cyric ’ s Gate gazeteer that describes as... Terms may apply and upper Narfell the Shadowstorm, tearing a planar rift over the city Elversult. “ events of Vault of the Cult begins to export magic to other forgotten realms timeline worlds which so.

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